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Kat Lebrasse, Jewel Corner, diamonds, pearls

I recently discovered affordable fine jewelry brand, Jewel Corner. As I’m a firm believer that accessories can make or break an outfit, I often find myself searching for the perfect earrings, necklace, bracelet or ring to complement a look. My conclusion is, you’ve got to stock up on quality staples when it comes to jewelry, just as you would your wardrobe. While, you might look to a little black dress as your go-to outfit an any given occasion, similarly find those perfect pieces of jewelry that you can return to time and time again. Jewel Corner is a great place to get started. Amidst the stunning, classic diamond and pearl jewelry, both online and across their 30 locations, Jewel Corner has it’s finger on the pulse, keeping abreast of jewellery and design trends, routinely launching new collections to keep their fashion savvy customers happy. So not only can you pick yourself up some timeless, season-less staples, but you can also find yourself some quality trend driven pieces that will have your friends ooh-ing and ahh-ing.

Case in point, the short ear climbers below are very much currently on trend, versus the classic diamond adorned ring band, which is a classic staple you’ll certainly wear regardless of trends.

When it comes to personal jewelry style, I myself, am generally more of a dainty, fine jewelry kind of person. But, I must admit I tend to dress for my mood both with clothing and jewelry. Some days, it’s the biggest, loudest earrings I can find, other days I’m layering and stacking smaller pieces.Kat Lebrasse, Jewel Corner, diamonds, pearls

Kat Lebrasse, Jewel Corner, diamonds, pearls

Special Jewel Corner Mother’s Day pendant- Godsend
Jewel Corner, Kat Lebrasse, Diane Von Furstenberg, DVF

And while dainty- as far as jewelry is concerned- generally seems to be more my thing, I am not at all opposed to as many diamonds as possible all over one’s self! Diamonds are after all, a girl’s best friend!
Kat Lebrasse, Jewel Corner, diamonds, pearls

Kat Lebrasse, Jewel Corner, diamonds, pearls, Fashion Union, Namshi, Sandro

And because I like my friends to be happy, I’ve teamed up with Jewel Corner for a fabulous diamond pendant giveaway! How do you enter? Keep an eye on my Instagram (@katlebrasse) for the giveaway announcement in the next couple of days…Good Luck!


Photos by Cameron Clegg

Make up by Aleksandra Starcevic


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