Lebrasse X Hashe

kat lebrasse, hashe, ava hashemi, ss17

With the fashion industry in full Fall Winter 17 fashion week mode, I want to take a moment to finally share a little SS17 project I did with amazing regional designer; Ava Hashemi of Hashe. Although the industry might all be looking to Fall Winter right now, it will be forever and a day until we’re all donning plastic adorned trench coats a la Calvin Klein and wet-look, asymmetric dresses chez Proenza Schouler. Right now, as far as I’m concerned, it’s all about Hashe SS17. lebrasse, kat lebrasse, hashe, dw studios, drawdeck, acne studioskat lebrasse, hashe, dw studios, drawdeck, chloe, lebrasse lebrasse, kat lebrasse, hashe, dw studios, drawdeck

Ever minimalistic and yet a statement all at once, Hashe’s SS17 collection is centered largely around contemporary art, with some pieces aiming to reflect the complex and multi-layered nature of the modern world. Where the surface is marred or melted away to reveal the depth and its inner layers, which at times is beautiful, complex or even empty.

This inspiration is certainly reflected in the immense detail present in the collection. The delicate transparent embroidery, the carefully stitched wave hems, the gold hardware and stone buttons. “Love me, forget me not” intricately stitched across the strapless top as if we needed a reminder.lebrasse, kat lebrasse, hashe, dw studios, drawdeck, chloe lebrasse, kat lebrasse, hashe, dw studios, drawdeck, acne studios

Psst, in case you missed our video,  check it out HERE

Special thanks to Drawdeck for the beautiful artworks.

Hair and make up by Blow Out & Go

Shot by Ayaad Damouni at DW Studios

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