Maldives wardrobe

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As I gear up for another fabulous visit to the Maldives, I can’t resist the urge to update my Maldives wardrobe. Yes, I have what I like to refer to a “Maldives wardrobe.” Since last year’s first visit to the Maldives, the desire to return to the Maldives every year, at least once a year has become extremely high. And well, I’m a big believer in manifestation, so I figure if I have myself a cheeky lil “Maldive wardrobe,” then that’s a step in the right direction!

Not to say that my chosen pieces can’t be worn elsewhere. A vacation to a different destination perhaps, or obviously and most frequently in Dubai. I just like to give them a little title. It makes them feel important. And they are after all selected for their Maldives appropriateness.

The following are favorites from my last Maldives visit, and happily all still available for purchase, should the desire arise for you!

shop, 9seed, kat lebrasse, maldives

9seed dress HEREshopbop, marysia swim, kat lebrasse, elsa o, maldives

Marysia Swim bikinis HEREshopbop, marysia swim, kat lebrasse, maldices shopbop, solid and striped, kat lebrasse, maldives

Solid & Striped one-piece swimsuit HEREshopbop, tanya taylor, kat lebrasse, glassing, maldives

Tanya Taylor skirt HEREshopbop, clu, glassing, kenneth jay lane, soludos, kat lebrasse, maldives

Clu dress HERE | Soludos sandals HERE | Kenneth Jay Lane earrings HERE


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