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We all know that Ramadan means that, in general we should be adhering to some modest dressing principles. But looking around me at the several iftars and suhoors I’ve attended in the past couple of weeks, it seems as though most women see that as a need to wear only kaftans for the entire month. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good kaftan as much as the next woman, but I also like to play around with my looks and not be narrowed into, one look, in different colors for a whole month. In my opinion, modest dressing doesn’t have to mean kaftans, abayas and bishts.

So this is my way of sharing the different types of looks I’ve been playing with this month to dress modestly and respect the Holy Month in Dubai.

Mod shirt paired with maxi skirt

dima ayad, prada, kat lebrasse, four seasons jumeirah, modest dressing

I like to keep my looks a little modern and contemporary, but I’m not opposed to a little bit of sparkle either! This Dima Ayad look has been a favorite for covering up and standing out.

Shirt & Skirt Dima Ayad | Belt bag Prada

Trench dress

bedouin studios, kat lebrasse, four seasons jumeirah, modest dressing

Wearing a trench coat as a dress is an old favorite style go-to for me. It’s basically like wearing a really structured shirt dress, only better. The detail and fabric of this beauty from Bedouin Studios make this one a winner year round.

Trench coat Bedouin Studios | Earrings & Other Stories

Light layers

bedouin studios, kat lebrasse, four seasons jumeirah, modest dressing

Modest dressing for me, mostly means showing less bare skin. I tackle the hot holy month by wearing light fabrics-sometimes sheer- layered under structured sleeveless pieces. A loose pair of silk trousers is also a must. Bedouin Studios again has all of these pieces covered.

Sheer blouse, sleeveless blazer, wide leg trousers Bedouin Studios | Earrings & Other Stories

Top and pants combo

sem sem, malone souliers, bvlgari, kat lebrasse, four seasons jumeirah, modest dressing

Generally speaking, I find it hard to go past a good top and pants combo. I find that wearing one shade or even one print from head to toe in coordinating pieces elongates the body and helps me feel slim and chic. Being that, it’s near 50 degrees currently, I can only don these in silk and preferably light hues, like this top and pants from Sem Sem.

Top & pants Sem Sem | Shoes Malone Soulier at The Modist | Bag Bvlgari | Earrings Donna Hourani

The Jumpsuit

f7 by fatima, prada, kurt geiger, kat lebrasse, four seasons jumeirah, modest dressing

This F7 by Fatma jumpsuit has been a favorite of mine over the last month. It is perfectly constructed to look almost like a dress and yet has the androgyny, somewhat of a labourer’s uniform. Yasss. Created of high quality cotton, its super breathable and airy.

Jumpsuit F7 by Fatma | Shoes  Kurt Geiger | Bag  Prada | Earrings & Other Stories


The Kaftanmochi, all things mochi, kat lebrasse, four seasons jumeirah, modest dressing

I did say that I wasn’t opposed to kaftans, didn’t I? Especially when it’s this cute. While I’m not too keen on wearing kaftans day in-day out, I love to throw one on for the right occasion. Once again, I always lean towards light, cottons or silks and where possible, I like my kaftan to have a little something something, like this All Things Mochi number. Floral, exaggerated sleeves, drop peplum hem and beaded embroidery. What’s not to love?

Dress & Earrings All Things Mochi | Shoes Vince Camuto

Photos shot by DW Studios at Four Seasons Resort, Jumeirah Beach

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