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I recently made a commitment to take better care of myself. Who did I make the commitment to? Me. Because me, is where it starts.
14 weeks ago I commenced a health and fitness journey, whereby I partake in 3 personal training sessions per week and take actions to maintain a clean, healthy diet. Sounds intense, doesn’t it? But that’s just it, taking care of myself, whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally or otherwise shouldn’t be considered intense. It should simply be a fact of life. A habit.

But as a woman, and yes, I am saying “as a woman” as opposed to a man- because I find men have less difficulty with this- we often don’t put ourselves first. We don’t take time to do things for ourselves. We simply don’t prioritise our personal wellness, and we should.

After recently hosting an event in collaboration with Wellness by BETADINE™, I’ve reflected on my personal wellness even more.
The concept of not taking time for yourself, becomes even more apparent, becoming a mother. Now, as a mother, not only am I contending with the work-life balance of day-to-day life, I need and want to make time to spend with my daughter. I need and want to give her my attention and revel in the joy of watching her grow. But all that doesn’t leave much time for me. Time to hit the gym. Time to prepare myself a healthy, nutritious meal, rather than order in. Time to go to the spa and relax. And so, I made a decision to re-organise my priorities a little. I’m not saying that my family and work are no longer at the top of my priorities; I’m just saying that taking time for myself is no longer at the bottom.
I find that on the days that I’ve allowed myself some time to look after me, I feel more positive, more energetic and all round happier. Isn’t that the Kat that people would prefer to be around?
It’s time for us all to take some time back for ourselves- #dontforgetyourself!

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